ABAR and FGV assist in the COVID-19 Regulatory Monitor platform

ABAR and FGV assist in the COVID-19 Regulatory Monitor platform

Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), through the Center for Regulation and Infrastructure Studies (FGV CERI), in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Regulation Agencies (ABAR), prepared the FGV CERI Regulatory Monitor for COVID-19, with the in order to provide data and information on normative production at the national and international levels throughout the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The Monitor platform will have a database of the main normative initiatives taken by the Federal Union, laws, provisional measures, decrees and other normative administrative acts compiled and organized, which facilitate the search for topics, periods and provenance.

The system has the potential to contribute to improving the decision-making process of regulatory agencies, by allowing regulators to find information on best practices more quickly. By having access to decisions and studies on the decisions of their peers in a timely manner, they will be able to seek the most effective solutions in minimizing the costs of the crisis.

To view the full news on the ABAR website, click here.

To access the platform on the Monitor, click here.


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