FGV CERI colabora com o desenvolvimento da regulação econômica no Brasil se valendo de sólidos fundamentos econômicos.

The Center of Studies in Infrastructure Regulation (CERI) was created by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) to contribute to the structured development of the regulation framework of the infrastructure sectors in Brazil. The multidisciplinary nature of regulation places CERI in a differentiated position to contribute to the development and the strengthening of regulation in the country. Regulation plays a central role in attracting investment into these sectors and in creating an enabling environment for these investments to be converted into quality services at competitive prices. In addition, regulation is capable of guaranteeing the economic and financial sustainability of its providers and reflecting the allocation of risks in the supply chain.

CERI understands the challenges and the inherent opportunities to the development of infrastructure sectors in Brazil. CERI contributes to national development, presents alternatives to key problems and fosters debate with the diverse voices of public opinion through seminars, lectures and meetings held throughout the country, of contact with national and international experts and the press, and publication of studies and results of applied research.


Desenvolver e disseminar conhecimento sobre regulação e as indústrias de rede no Brasil e na América Latina.


Ser referência em pesquisa e conhecimento sobre regulação dos setores de infraestrutura no Brasil e na América Latina.


Autonomia; Excelência acadêmica; Fundamentação econômica; Compromisso com o interesse público; Diálogo; Ética; Imparcialidade; Isonomia; Transparência.


O objetivo do FGV CERI é desenvolver atividades de pesquisa aplicada, assessoramento e projetos de pesquisa e desenvolvimento (P&D), com foco em regulação, em temas afetos aos setores de infraestrutura.